Calling: Unified CM to Webex Calling – What Changes with Webex Calling ?

PSTN Access: Local Gateway (IOS-XE based) for Webex Calling access to the PSTN. Optionally, Cloud-Connected PSTN (CCP) via provider can also provide PSTN access for cloud-registered endpoints.

Cloud Calling: Remove on-premises call control, voice messaging, and Expressway MRA firewall traversal for complete cloud-based calling deployment.

  • On-premise Voicemail Unity Connection no required
  • On-premise Call Control Unified CM no required
  • Firewall Traversal Expressway no required
  • Local Gateway to route PSTN Calls to the local PSTN provider
  • Cloud Connected PSTN (CCP) to route PSTN calls
  • On-premise Endpoints register to Webex Calling
  • Remote Endpoints register to Webex Calling

Specific features not supported by Webex Calling which might prevent full migration include:

  • On premises audio conferencing with Unified CM features
  • Forced authorization codes (FAC) / Client matter codes (CMC)
  • Corporate branding for phones and music on hold
  • Least cost routing / tail end hop-off (TEHO)

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