Cisco Umbrella the core component of Cisco SASE

In technology, the use of acronyms and terminologies proliferates every dialog and meeting. And, often from the customer’s perspective this is a tough battle.
With Cisco SASE, Another day, another term, CASB, SD-WAN, SWG, SIG, Umbrella, ZTNA, Thousandeyes and so on.  But if there is one acronym that unifies all these acronyms, It’s Cisco SASE (Cisco Access Service Edge).

To fully understand the emergence of the new tech with new acronyms, creating a roadmap to put each term in their place will help to simplify everything and the adoption will be easy.

Secure Access Service Edge is a service which  unifies Cisco SDWAN, Cisco Umbrella, ZTNA and Thousandeyes to provide both networking and Security functions in cloud.

And very important. The Core of Cisco SASE is Cisco umbrella with the following multi layer security approach.

-DNS Layer Security
-cloud access security broker (CASB)
-SWG Secure Web Gateway
-cloud-delivered firewall with IPS based on SNORT
-Remote Browser Isolation
-Cisco Talos Intelligence

Cisco Umbrella is not only a DNS Layer Security but it’s now providing security at different level.

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