Glad to write 10 projects for my book Deploying digital certificates on Cisco Meeting Server

The new content of my book Deploying Digital Certificates On Cisco Meeting Server contains now 10 projects:

Project 1: Single-Combined Deployment Multi-SAN Certificates
Project 2: Scalability and Resilience Deployment Multi-SAN certificates
Project 3: Multiple Certificates with Multiple CA Servers
Project 4: Scalability and Resilience Deployment Certificates Advanced Scenario
Project 5: Dedicated Webbridges and dedicated Callbridges/Schedulers certificates
Project 6: Streamer Service Certificates with Wowza Media Server
Project 7: Scheduler Service Certificates
Project 8: Designing Dial Plan with Separate CUCM Cluster and Single CMS Cluster
Project 9: Access Methods CoSpace Users, Blast Dial and AdHoc
Project 10: Cisco CMS Web Server Hosted Branding

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