How to rebuild Cisco Unity Connection Publisher using the Subscriber server data

  1. On old publisher go to Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability. Under the Cluster Management. Locate the subscriber server and change the server status to Primary.
  2. Shutdown the old publisher using the utils system shutdown command. On the Cluster Management page of the subscriber server, the publisher should display the Not Functioning status.
  3. Install a new publisher with the same network settings and security password.
  4. On new publisher, navigate to Cisco Unity Connection Administration. Under System Settings, select Cluster. Add the IP address of the current subscriber server.
  5. Restore the publisher using the subscriber data. On the current subscriber run the utils cuc cluster renegotiate command. The publisher automatically restarts.
  6. Check the database replication on the new publisher using the Run the utils dbreplication runtimestate.

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