Book: IP Routing Protocols All-in-one OSPF EIGRP ISIS BGP with Hands on Labs

Focusing on Cisco Routers, I wrote this book to show how to implement and optimize OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP and BGP by exploring:

OSPF: Area Types with optimization, LSA Types, the logic of Intra-area, inter-area and external routes, Virtual-link and route filtering, Loop Prevention mechanisms and MPLS with the concepts of sham link and Down bit.
EIGRP: concept of stub and maximum prefix limit for optimization, route filtering using different methods, route leaking, in-depth exploration of successor and feasible successor, EIGRP Named Mode and redistribution between two autonomous systems.
IS-IS: concept of Level 1 and Level 2 routes, IS-IS adjacencies and DIS in broadcast network, the logic of intra-area and inter-area routes, route leaking and ATT bit.
BGP: attributes and path selection, exploration of MED, Local Preference, weight, AS-path and community attributes, route filtering and ORF (Outbound Route Filtering), Attribute-map and Unsuppress-map, confederation, peer group and route reflector features.

Through all these scenarios covering all the stuff covered above, the book is good resource to cement the theory you learned. It transforms what you have learned in your study guides into valuable skills you will be using from day one on your job as a network engineer.

Knowing the theory alone is no longer enough to master routing protocols. Mastering the practice part is very important to be able to configure, troubleshoot routing protocols where you must quickly and accurately diagnose and repair network faults on routers.

Table of Contents

OSPF Routing Protocol

Lab 1: Type-1 and Type-3 LSAs
Lab 2: Type-2 LSA On OSPFv2 and OSPFv3
Lab 3: V-bit and B-bit fields in Type-1 LSA
Lab 4: Intra-Area and Inter-Area routes propagation
Lab 5: Understanding the Type-4 LSA
Lab 6: External Prefix propagation on OSPFv3
Lab 7: External Path Selection with Multiple ASBRs
Lab 8: External Path Selection with Multiple NSSA ASBRs
Lab 9: Virtual-Link DNA bit demand circuit and authentication
Lab 10: LSA Type 1 and LSA Type 3 SPF calculation
Lab 11: Type-1 LSA and prefix-suppression
Lab 12: OSPFv3 Address Family NSSA Area Type
Lab 13: OSPFv3 Address Family Stub Area Type
Lab 14: NSSA Area Type Filter-list and Default Route
Lab 15: NSSA Area Type Default Route and secondary address
Lab 16: NSSA Area Type Optimization
Lab 17: Loop Prevention with Type-3 LSA and P-bit
Lab 18: OSPF external route filtering without distribute-list
Lab 19: Distribute-List command on OSPF
Lab 20: MPLS VPN and OSPF Down bit loop prevention
Lab 21: OSPF sham link on MPLS VPN

EIGRP Routing Protocol

Lab 1: EIGRP Different AS Distribute-List Offset List
Lab 2: Redistribution between two AS EIGRP Variance and Offset-List
Lab 3: EIGRP redistribution between two AS and the next-hop field
Lab 4: EIGRP route filtering using prefix-list and route-map
Lab 5: EIGRP Route Filtering using Route-Map Prefix-List ACL
Lab 6: EIGRP Route Leaking Maximum hop-count
Lab 7: EIGRP Default Route Summarization Authentication
Lab 8: EIGRP Named Mode for IPv4 and IPv6
Lab 9: EIGRP named mode over IPv6
Lab 10: EIGRP Named Mode Authentication
Lab 11: EIGRP Stub Routing with Named Mode
Lab 12: Maximum-prefix limit and Warning-Only Mode
Lab 13: Two EIGRP AS number and two equal paths to the same destination
Lab 14: Feasible Successor issues
Lab 15: EIGRP Summary and Leak Map
Lab 18: show ip eigrp topology all-links subcommand
Lab 19: Successor and Feasible Successor
Lab 20: Next-hop field between two AS eigrp
Lab 21: Filter EIGRP external routes
Lab 22: EIGRP Stub Feature

IS-IS Routing Protocol

Lab 1: IS-IS level 1 and DIS router
Lab 2: IS-IS level 2 and level 1 database
Lab 3: IS-IS route leaking feature
Lab 4: Multiple area IS-IS network
Lab 5: IS-IS adjacencies level
Lab 6: IS-IS over IPv6
Lab 7: Areas in IS-IS
Lab 8: IS-IS Multi-Area on a single router
Lab 9: Troubleshooting IS-IS Adjacency

BGP Routing Protocol

Lab 1: MED and AS-Path Prepend
Lab 2: BGP Local Preference
Lab 3: BGP path control
Lab 4: BGP Confederations
Lab 5: Bestpath as-path ignore and aggregate-address
Lab 6: Community Attribute AS-Path Prepend and Default route
Lab 7: BGP Backdoor and AS-Path Prepend
Lab 8: AS-Path Prepend Weight and Default route
Lab 9: Community Attribute and Route Reflector
Lab 10: BGP Peer Group Community Attribute and Local Preference
Lab 11: MP-BGP Local Preference Weight and Community Attribute
Lab 12: MP-BGP OSPFv3 and Attributes Manipulation
Lab 13: BGP Confederation weight and Unsuppress-map
Lab 14: BGP Conditional advertisement
Lab 15: Route Aggregation Attribute-map and Advertise-map
Lab 16: BGP ORF (Outbound Route Filtering) capability

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