The first book about Cisco Meeting Server available on Amazon. Hard work paid off

I am so proud and glad for the achievement after many years or learning, teaching and working over Cisco Meeting Server, the first book about this product and I worked for an atypical idea which is a book with a series of projects to help people to deploy it, especially the digital certificates implementation for different services and deployment types. The book contains 8 projects with 6 projects dedicated to certificates in different real scenarios through more than 500 pages. Paperback format is coming soon.

Below the content:

Project 1: Single-Combined Deployment Multi-SAN certificates 

Project 2: Scalability and Resilience Deployment Multi-SAN certificates

Project 3: Multiple Certificates with Multiple CA Servers

Project 4: Scalability and Resilience Deployment Certificates Advanced Scenario

Project 5: Streamer Service Certificates with Wowza Media Server

Project 6: Scheduler Service Certificates

Project 7: Access Methods CoSpace Users, Blast Dial and AdHoc

Project 8: Cisco CMS Web Server Hosted Branding

Appendix A: Cisco Meeting Server Clustering Reference CLI

Appendix B: Why do we need the Accept Replaces Header

Appendix C: Cisco TMS Installation

Appendix D: Cisco TMS Clustering Installation

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