OSPF The Ultimate For CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure Exam kindle and paperback format

After my first publication of the book OSPF Demystified With RFC in 2014 which goes beyond the CCIE level which explores OSPF from the RFC’s perspective. Since one year I had the idea to write a book for CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure to be an ultimate preparation to enforce candidates’s skills and to acquire solid knownledges after attending a global preparation or in depth bootcamp, this why I call it OSPF The Ultimate.

The idea is to offer a series of 30 practice labs that covers all the blueprint of the lab exam with high level scenarios, and to acquire additional scenarios and an indepth exploration of the most important OSPF’s concept related to the exam such as LSA Types in details by analysing the most important fields, Area Types, Network Types OSPF Path Selection (with many tricky scenarios), Route Filtering (with many tricky scenarios), Forwarding Address, Prefix Suppression, Loop-Free Alternate, Summary Routes and so on . Also I given a way to be able to reproduce them using the basic configuration present at the top of each lab.

The ultimate goals is:

To be able to troubleshoot any problem by reasoning.
To be able to answer challenges that requires only one command.
How to follow some logic to detect any problem or to explain an unexpected behavior.
How to fix it with some restrictions such as: you are not allowed to use cost and so on.

Table of content:

Lab 1: OSPFv2 Link State Database LSDB In depth Exploration
Lab 2: OSPFv3 Link State Database LSDB In depth Exploration
Lab 3: OSPF Network Types P2P P2M and Broadcast
Lab 4: OSPF Network Type P2M and Broadcast with Type-2 LSA
Lab 6: Stub and Totally Stub Area Types
Lab 7: NSSA Area Type In depth Exploration
Lab 8: NSSA Area Type Filtering Options
Lab 9: NSSA ABRs translator Condition
Lab 10: Path Selection Scenario 1
Lab 11: Path Selection Scenario 2
Lab 12: Path Selection Scenario 3
Lab 13: Path Selection Scenario 4
Lab 14: Forwarding Address Scenario 1
Lab 15: Forwarding Address Scenario 2
Lab 16: Forwarding Address Scenario 3
Lab 17: Route Filtering Scenario 1
Lab 18: Route Filtering Scenario 2
Lab 19: Route Filtering Scenario 3
Lab 20: Route Filtering Scenario 4
Lab 21: OSPFv2 RFC 6860 Hiding Transit-Only Networks
Lab 22: OSPFv3 RFC 6860 Hiding Transit-Only Networks
Lab 23: OSPF TTL security check 286
Lab 24: Stub router advertisement Graceful Shutdown
Lab 25: OSPF Link-State Database Overload Protection
Lab 26: OSPF Refresh and Flooding Reduction in Stable Topologies
Lab 27: OSPF SPF Throttling
Lab 28: Inter-Area Summary route lowest cost and highest cost
Lab 29: OSPF Loop-Free Alternate LFA Fast Reroute FRR
Lab 30: Capability Transit feature and routing loop

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