Cisco Meeting Server Cluster Deployment Guide

A Deployment Guide to provide a complete set up from scratch to deploy Cisco Meeting Server cluster with 5 CMS with different services: Database, CallBridge, WebBridge3, Scheduler, Streamer and Recorder and splitted into many Nodes as shown in the topology, with a node running only call bridge and webbridge and separated from the database cluster, this set up starts from the certificates preparation for each services, how to activate the services and how to integrate different services with detailed certificates configuration, webbridge with callbridge, streaming and recording, scheduler with webbridge3 for space scheduling feature with CMS 3.4 version.


  • CMS1, CMS2 and CMS3 are planned to run a cluster database, CallBridge and WebBridge.
  • CMS1 must be configured with the Scheduler service.
  • CMS4 must be added with the CallBridge and WebBridge services.
  • CMS5 must be configured with the Recorder and Streamer services.
  1. Cluster Database Configuration between cms1 cms2 and cms3
  2. WebAdmin CallBridge and WebBridge Certificates
  3. Enabling the Web Admin Service
  4. Enabling the CallBridge service
  5. Enabling the WebBridge 3 service
  6. CallBridge cluster configuration
  7. Active Directory integration
  8. Cisco Unified Communication Manager Dial Plan
  9. Cisco Meeting Server Dial Plan
  10. Integration of new node cms4 with CallBridge and WebBridge without the database
  11. Enabling the Recorder and Streamer services on a dedicated server
  12. Enabling the Scheduler service

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