Blast Dial Feature for Spaces on Cisco Meeting Server 3.2

Cisco Meeting Server 3.2 supports the Blast Dial feature. With Blast Dial, you can add a predetermined list of participants to a space where you configure blast dial. When any participant dials in to the space, all the other participants are dialed out simultaneously so that they join the meeting without dialing the space.

From the Cisco Meeting Management HQ-CMM,  navigate to Settings. Enable the Blast Dial feature.

By default the Blast Dial feature is disabled.

To enable the Blast Dial feature, there two options Primary and Secondary.

For a standalone deployment of Cisco Meeting Management, select the Primary option.

From the Cisco Meeting Management HQ-CMM, navigate to Spaces.

Search for the space you want to enable this feature. In this scenario jdoe Meeting Space.

Turn on Blast dial configuration.

Select Add contact in order to add the contacts to be called when the call is initiated from the jdoe user.

Note: you can use optionally the Comma Separated Values (CSV) option to add multiple contacts in large deployment.

In this scenario, I select the pperez’ s Cisco Jabber with the URI pperez@lab.local, click Done, this is the SIP address the Cisco Meeting Sever will dial so that pperez user will receive automatically an incoming call when jdoe user join the space.

Add another user, Stephane Paille with the URI spaille@lab.local and click Done.

The call routing logic of Cisco Meeting Server involves the Outbound Call table that makes the call out to different server. In other words CMS will use an outbound rule to send the call to another call control for example Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Expressway-C.

The following explain how the Cisco Meeting Server routes out a call to an endpoint.

  • User pperez@lab.local is registered using Cisco Jabber to CUCM.
  • Active Directory is integrated to CMS Cisco Meeting Server and the user pperez@lab.local is NOT imported into CMS.
  • Another user join a conference named jdoe Meeting Space using a web browser.
  • The Cisco Meeting Management sends a request to Cisco Meeting Server to dial the pperez@lab.local .
  • The CMS will try to find an Outbound Call Rule with Domain lab.local and the SIP Proxy to use (in this case the IP address of HQ-CUCM) to route out the call, an Outbound Call Rule is similar to SIP Route Pattern on CUCM.
  • The HQ-CUCM will receive the call and find that the user pperez@lab.localis registered and the Client Jabber rings.

Therefore to allow the HQ-CMS to dial out or to send a call to the user pperez@lab.localJabber Client, an Outbound Call is mandatory with the domain lab.local.

On HQ-CMS navigate to Configuration > Outbound calls

Configure an Outbound Call Rule, in the Domain, enter lab.local, in the SIP proxy to use, enter

From an PC-1, open a web browser and type the URL http://join.lab.local. Click Sign in and connect using the username jdoe@lab.local.

Select the jdoe Meeting Space and click the Join button.

The jdoe user is now connected to the conference named jdoe Meeting Space.

Ensure that the spaille’s Cisco Jabber client is registered.

Ensure that the pperez’s Cisco Jabber client is registered.

A few seconds after the jdoe has accessed the conference, the Cisco Meeting Server HQ-CMS initiates a call to the pperez and spaille jabber clients.

They receive incoming calls from the jdoe Meeting Space. Answer the calls from the pperez and spaille jabber clients.

Within the active call, click the keypad and press 1 on both the Cisco Jabber Clients.

Now both the pperez and spaille Jabber clients join successfully the jdoe Meeting Space using the Blast Dial feature.

From the HQ-CMS GUI, For pperez’s Cisco Jabber client, the event logs shown that an outgoing SIP call is initiated to HQ-CUCM and SIP INVITE to pperez@lab.local with the following informations : To : <sip: pperez@lab.local>, From “jdoe Meeting Space ” <sip:>.

For spaille’s Cisco Jabber client, the event logs shown that an outgoing SIP call is initiated to HQ-CUCM and SIP INVITE to spaille@lab.local with the following informations : To : <sip: spaille@lab.local>, From “jdoe Meeting Space ” <sip:>.

On HQ-CMS, navigate to Status > Call, verify the Active Calls, notice there are three participants.

Access the HQ-CMM Cisco Meeting Management, Navigate to Meeting. Verify that the  users  jdoe@lab.local, pperez@lab.local and spaille@lab.local are connected to the space named jdoe Meeting Space.

2 thoughts on “Blast Dial Feature for Spaces on Cisco Meeting Server 3.2”

  1. When you enter the space that is configured for Blast Dial out, do you immediately see how many members should be dialled and are these successful or not?


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