Guest and Host Access to Meetings With Call Leg Profile and Access Methods

You want in some scenarios different URIs or call-IDs  and different access code are used by guest and host participants to join a meeting, and different rights or privileges, for example add or remove participants, mute audio or video, or when there are only guests joined to the space, they are all put in a lobby room waiting for the host or the owner to join in.

To do this on Cisco Meeting Server, we need a combination of CallLegProfile and AccessMethods.

For the owner of space create a CallLegProfile:


 For the Guest user who is invited to access this space, create a specific CallLegProfile with the appropriate right, not allowed to mute others, not allowed to add participant, not allowed to enable recording and streaming and staff like that.

The needsActivation parameter is very important here for the guest/host behavior since if set to true, the participant is unable to receive audio and video or join to join a meeting until one or more activator (host) participants join.

Then associate the first CallLegProfile with full rights to the CoSpace Jdoe who is the owner.

Then select the accessMethods.


Then select the second CallLegProfile with less privileges.

In the uri field, enter 78888, this the URI user part as shown below.

In the callId, enter 79999, this the Meeting ID the guest will use to join John Doe’s space instead of 51004. Optionally, set the passcode 1234 to authenticate the guests  who trying to access John Doe’s space.


You should see two access methods to join the jdoe’s space, Role 1 is the access method with a CallLegProfile that provides high privilege.

Or you can provide the video address with the URI format so that the guest user can join the meeting using Cisco Jabber or video endpoint such as Cisco Telepresence endpoint.

To dial into the jdoe meeting:

With Role 1 as a Host :

  • by dialing to URI using Video Endpoints
  • by entering the call-ID value 51001 via web browser (Cisco Meeting web app)

With Role 2 as a guest :

  • by dialing to URI using Video Endpoints
  • by entering the call-ID value 79999 via web browser (Cisco Meeting web app) with passcode 123

  • meddane_3-1631808401545.png 

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