Cisco Meeting Server 3.3 new Scheduler Components

Version 3.3 introduces the ability to schedule meetings and see upcoming meetings in web app. Web app users can schedule meetings, modify the scheduled meetings, and notify participants via email. Scheduler is a new component that enables scheduling meetings, and is enabled by the new scheduler MMP commands.

When the scheduler is enabled, it makes API requests to the Call Bridge over the loopback interface. It is therefore a requirement that the scheduler is deployed on a Meeting Server which is also hosting a Call Bridge. It is not possible to configure the scheduler to use a remote Call Bridge.
C2W connections are established to each Web Bridge similar to how the Call Bridge also establishes a C2W connection to each Web Bridge. No explicit configuration is required to enable connection between the scheduler and Call Bridge, because this happens automatically over the loopback interface. Similarly, the C2W connections are all automatic but it is necessary to configure a trust bundle between the scheduler and Web Bridges.

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