Business To Business Communication For Cisco Meeting Server

Business to Business on Cisco Expressway is an intuitive feature that allows a Company to route calls out and receives calls from a partner through internet without integrating the Cisco Expressway-E s’enterprise solution with the Cisco Expressway-E’s partner’s solution using the traditional Neighbor Zone between the TWO Cisco Expressway-E. Instead a DNS Zone will be used which offers better scalability and easier integration.

From businessmans’s perspective, the B2B calling feature provides the possibility to make call without changing the dialing habit as if they are calling their collaboraters using the jabber application or desktop video endpoint for the economics purposes.

The Business To Business Calling Feature can be integrated for Cisco Meeting Server.To better enhance the collaboration between businessmans, integration the B2B calling for Cisco Meeting Server allows partners to join a meeting hosted on your enterprise’s Cisco Meeting Server using their video endpoints and by dialing the traditional URI format as if they are inside your enterprise.

This is the difference with WebRTC or Web Proxy feature where the partners called the Guest located everywhere on Internet will join your meeting using the Web Browser by typing an URLs.From the administrator’s perspective, the Business To Business calling is based on the manipulation of Seach Rules on Cisco Expressway-C and Cisco Expressway-C on both side (the two companies), SIP Route Pattern on Cisco Unified CM, Incoming and Outgoing Calls on Cisco Meeting Server.

Finally the B2B calling is based on the Dial Plan of the Collaboration Infrastuctures of both companies.

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