“Use Originator’s Calling Seach Space” option in Translation Pattern

Starting from CUCM 10.X, Translation Patterns can use Originator’s Calling Search Space.
I like this great option because it gives the administrators more granularities when implementing Unified Dial Plan with Globalized Call Routing.

By definition the translation pattern is used to match the dialed digits before matching a route pattern, before the CUCM 10X, traditionally the Translation Pattern as the source of call needs a CSS to access the partition of a route pattern for call routing. This means the originating devices or lines CSS is lost and not taken into consideration after digit modification is performed at the translation pattern. The disapointing result is that you lost the caller’s calling privilegeres.

With this Option, administrators can control and make sure that the original caller’s calling privileges are maintained after digit manipulation by the translation pattern, the “Use Originator’s Calling Seach Space” check boxes means that the Call Control CUCM will apply the Devices or Lines CSS to determine if the caller can access the route pattern’s partition such as the route pattern for international dialing.

When you use the Globalized Call Routing. This option helps the administrator to configure fewer patterns and makes the scalability very easy.

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