Cisco Collaboration Solution From Scratch

Lab collaboration from scratch with:

-Cisco Meeting Server cluster
-Cisco Expressway Cluster
-Cisco Unified Communication Manager
-Cisco Instant Messaging and Presence
-Cisco Unity Connection
-Cisco Meeting Management
-Cisco Telepresence Management Suite TMS
-Integration with Active Directory into the CUCM, CUC and CMS cluster
-Integration of Cisco Expressway with Cisco CMS for WebRTC using either a web browser or Cisco Meeting Application.
-Integration of Cisco Meeting Management and TMS for scheduled conference.

Booking conference Cisco TMS using the Automatic Connect feature toward a Cisco Jabber registered to CUCM and toward a Cisco Meeting Application with dial out and remote user using the dial in to conference.
There are many deals with certificates for CMS and Cisco Expressway, and DNS SRV Records. there are the key point for conference to work.

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