How to prepare the F5 201 Exam

F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator

STRESSFUL exam but wonderful certification.

The 201-TMOS Administration exam is the second exam required to achieve F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator status.

My first advice, dont wast your time to seach dumps, there is no dumps.

After my experience. The secret of the success is very simple let’s start:

Scroll down the F5 201 blueprint and study each topic from two best ressources:

A third ressource is the book titled:

F5 Networks TMOS Administration Study Guide – January 15, 2019 by Philip Jšnsson & Steven Iveso, unfortunately I didnt have a chance to purchase it but I highly recommend it to complete the F5 ressources listed above, I took a book on google docs with free section access and it’s simply wonderful :

Beside F5, a certain Rich Hill publiched a list of various exam sections and the corresponding links to F5 support, DevCentral and other resources, for each concept listed in the bluebrint, there is an URL, once you click you are redirected to useful resources, this can save your time instead of searching on google:…/f5-tmos-administrat…

You are planning the F5 Certified 201 exam but you dont know if you are ready, if you have the required of level of skills to take the exam?

You want to evaluate yourself?

You can cease the stress by taking F5 Practice Exam.

Practice exams are delivered via the Zoomorphix Exam Studio system and only available to registered candidates who already passed an exam including the 101 exam:

The Practice Exams are designed by F5 to mimic the real tests with 80 questions through 90 minutes. There are exhibits to consider such virtual server config and pool config, so on, you can flag questions to review like the real exam and you get instant feedback on your results.

In practice exam, you do not get an actual score, but you get an indication if you Passed or Failed and an evaluation for each section:

1-Troubleshoot basic connectivity issues.

2-Troubleshoot basic performance issues.

3-Aminister system configuration.

4-Manage existing application delivery services.

5-Use support ressources.

If you think you’re getting a view of real questions, they use entirely different questions on the live exams, so dont wast your time to remember all questions of the practice exam. The real exam is much harder than the practice exam.

That’s what I did.

For practice, you need Three VM as servers, two BIG-IP for HA and one Client VM for testing and management.

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