Cisco ISE, WLC and Umbrella Tripartite Pact

Wireless Controller WLC integration with Cisco ISE for access control through 802.1X is one of the most popular deployment in the network security field. Now is the employee PC safe after the authentication and authorization?even after the posture operation?

The answer is NO. The internet contains many threats that can destroy your network. Cisco ISE allows the internet connectivity for employee, or even the guest users, but BASTA. It cannot garantee a security for the threats that come from Internet.

To extend your security, you can integrate Cisco Umbrella with WLC and Cisco ISE.

The idea behind this tripartite pact integration is like the Berlin Pact!!!!: Cisco ISE authenticates and authorizes the emplyees, and also it instructs the WLC in which role the user should be assigned, this role is an AVP attribute called “Role” that you assign to anthorization profile, you create an Authorization Profile with AVP Role for each AD group users.

Now the users are assigned role based on their AD credentials. Once the the Authorization Policies based on the Role condition is ready, you can now configure on the WLC you can configure a Local Policy for each role, and tie the Cisco Umbrella profile to it.

Now how to handle these AD Groups on Cisco Umbrella to control which Categories the AD group users can use?.

When you integrate WLC with Umbrella ” which is the first step before moving to ISE”, this means the WLC will synchronize the Umbrella Profiles to Umbrella Cloud, in the Umbrella Dashboard you see the Umbrella Profiles as a Networks Devices which will act as identities for Umbrella policy creation.

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