Auto Attendant Routing issues in Cisco Unity Connection

The CUC is integrated with SIP and route pattern is created on Cisco Unified Communication Manager to reach the pattern 1450 which is the AA number through a sip trunk, this sip trunk pointed to Cisco Unity Connection

A System Call handler called AA-Main is created with extension 1450 to provide an Auto Attendant solution to reach the Sales team when pressing 1 and Support team when pressing 2.

A users complain that when they calls the Auto Attendant System 1450 defined in Cisco Unity Connection, they cannot reach the AA et hear the openning greeting “Enter your pin followed by pound etc….” instead of the Auto Attendant greeting,

The cause of this problem is the Default Call-Routing Behavior. When users dial the AA number 1450, CUCM routes this call to CUC through SIP trunk, the CUC considers this call as a Directed calls, before handling the call with the system call handlers

CUC needs to route the call using the call routing rules.

For direct calls two routing rules can be applied:

-Attempt Sign In if the calling number is associated with mailbox

-Opening Greeting if the calling number is not associated with mailbox

To solve this problem and the users will be routed to the System Call Handler AA 1450, a new routing rule with a dialed number 1450 as condition should be added with the following configuration:

-Send Call To -> Call Handler: AA-Main

-Direct Routing Condition Rule Condition -> Dialed Number EQUAL 1450

Now when users dials the AA number 1450, the CUC looks in its routing table a match rule, from TOP – DOWN, and finds a match with a condition DIALED NUMBER 1450 and makes an action defined in the “Send Call to AA-Main” and now the users are redirected to the Auto Attendant and navigate through the menu offered by the system.

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